Continuous construction verification

To ensure continuous quality control on construction sites, workflows need to quickly and precisely record the current status, compare the status-quo with CAD plans and report any deviations. FARO offers efficient solutions in which hardware and software work perfectly together. FARO Traceable QA workflows are also used for legally compliant documentation of correctly executed work, both in the evaluation of reality data for CAD plans and models and in execution on the construction site.

Facilitation and acceleration of validation to BIM design specifications

  • Pairing of 3D scanning with BuildIT Construction to avoid rework and reduce scrap in construction projects
  • Calculate tank deformation and volume to determine deviations during installations
  • Quick evaluation of tolerances against local standards for floor flatness and levelness, beam camber, wall plumpness
  • Accurate verification of part positioning in real-time
  • Monitoring building and parts movement over time to avoid structural failures
  • Accurate positioning on site via laser projector interface