As-Built data preparation and shareing across all Building Lifecycle Phases

Simple, traceable communication between all project participants begins with the use of standard file types and widely used platforms. FARO workflows are compatible with widely used third party hardware and software.

FARO’s cloud services take collaboration to the next level. At the same time and in real time, project data can be shared, viewed and processed between all participants worldwide.

Cloud-based hosting solution for easy and secure sharing of scan data amongst project participants

  • Eliminating the need for installing, running and maintaining of internet servers on the customers’ site
  • Highest data security standards and SSL-encryption of communication ensures sharing of project data among various clients and partners worldwide
  • Easy viewing of point cloud data in panorama or 3D view via various browsers and mobile devices
  • Broadening project data by adding permanent distance and area measurements, annotations with links to any internet address, or to files stored by the third-party cloud storage providers Box and Dropbox
  • Comprehensive project and user management enabling flexible control of project groups and user roles with different object editing rights

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