Airborne scanning

The airborne solution provides flexibility and speed to capture large areas and complex environments.

STORMBEE’s compatibility with FARO 3D scanners is a unique concept that offers market value worldwide.

FARO® and Stormbee have joined together to provide solution for the customers on scanning large areas where speed is needed. The agility of a copter provides the flexibility to capture even complex environments. The combination of a FARO 3D Laser Scanner and a drone proved to offer the ultimate breakthrough and solution to increase productivity and make the process of scanning sites more efficient.

This partnership pairs FARO‘s worldwide sales network with Stormbee, pioneer in UAV technology, to provide sales and market state-of-the-art airborne scanning.

Technical Specifications

Compatible with any FARO laser scanner and build in power for the FARO Scanner
Fully automatic flight trajectory
Full carbon fiber frame with foldable motor arms
Dimensions 1500 mm x 1420 mm x 600 mm
Size for transport 720 mm x 650 mm x 330 mm
Total weight 20 kg (Including scanner)
Flight time 15 minutes
Altitude 10 to 100 m
Wind resistance 30 km/hr
Operation environment temperature -10 °c – 40 c
M.T.O.W 25 kg
Vertical field of view 300 °
Export formats LAS, E57
Included Software Flight planning, GNSS post-processing and pointcloud reconstruction software BEEFLEX®


  • Engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Civil/Survey
  • Crash Scene Capture and Reconstruction
  • Heritage
  • Infrastructure construction sites
  • Large factories
  • Military Reconnaissance
  • Open pit mines