High-speed data acquisition, on-site registration, survey control

For all stages of an Informed Construction BIM lifecycle, accurate and reliable 3D data of the existing structural conditions are inevitable. They form the basis of every kind of planning, production, design, evaluation and use. FARO offers efficient on-site capture workflows in which hardware and software work seamlessly together. They allow fast acquisition of as-builts with different sensors, in all required levels of detail and in a common reference coordinate system.

Terrestrial Capture

Mobile Capture

Fast, straightforward and highly accurate capture of site conditions, buildings or facilities with FARO Focus Laser Scanners

  • Ultra-portable format and durability
  • Suitable for use in difficult environments, narrow construction sites, dusty or humid areas, in rain or direct sunlight
  • Integrated on-site compensation to ensure accuracy for every operation

The most intuitive and efficient software for scan data processing – FARO SCENE

  • Consistent overview about the projects and their status
  • Filtering and editing of scanning data, incorporation into an already existing coordinate system and lifelike data visualization
  • Comparison of the modeled CAD design with the virtual as-built situation made possible by Virtual Reality functionality

Ensuring all data work hand in hand within one project reference coordinate system with the ATS Traceable 3D target system

  • Clean interoperability of all captured data
  • Innovative professional grade surveying equipment for fast and precise setup of survey control for scan projects
  • Easy combinable with traditional survey methods and devices (e.g. total stations) to allow best possible registration results

Verification and improvement of the target based registration quality

  • User friendly graphical interface guiding through possible quality problems to get faster highly accurate results
  • Configurable reports and quality thresholds documenting the registration results to get trusted reality data